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Types of treatment

In principle, anyone can gain valuable experience from music therapy, even if they do not show any symptoms of developmental delay or other health problems.

During an initial appointment, or in the course of the first therapy sessions, a decision is taken on whether the treatment should be performed individually or in groups.

Individual sessions last 45-60 minutes = 90,- Euros

Group therapy sessions last 60 minutes = 60,- Euros

Wellness programme sessions last 60 minutes (including sound massage, reiki and much more according to the individual agreement) = 120,- Euros

My main focus is on:

Pregnant women
Young children
Screaming babies
Children’s and mother-child groups
Information on whether health insurance companies refund costs:
Music therapy is not normally paid for by health insurance companies. In the case of public health insurance companies, it is worth applying for a refund but experience shows that the chances of success are slim!
Some private health insurance companies and benefits offices refund the cost of music therapy and non-medical psychotherapy on request. In addition, some youth offices pay for such therapy as part of integration assistance or educational support under social law (SGB VIII) in individual cases. Please inform yourself at your health insurance or your youth welfare office.

In addition, I offer:

Music education for young children (groups)
Basic musical training (groups)
Violin, viola, and accordion coaching
Individual teaching: 30 minutes = 30,- Euros
Group teaching: 45 minutes = 45,- Euros