Music therapies and healing sounds Monica Ettmayr

Music therapies and healing sounds

I accompany people of all ages who would like to listen into themselves, feel more relaxed and vibrant again, become more aware of their body and develop that awareness further.

Through autogenic training the body can be at peace whilst full of movement, relax, hear and feel.

I use mainly the tambura for my musical journeys, because this instrument can create an individual melody through its overtones. Whilst the instrument is being delicately plucked in one of various positions (as a cradle, chair or directly on the body), it feels like a gentle but deep massage. Bones and tissue can begin to vibrate through resonance. Tension and conscious and unconscious feelings can ease and the body becomes more permeable and alive. This can ease stress and activate self-healing processes. (After this intensive experience of sound, it is time to let the experience fade in silence and return to daily life in a relaxed but vibrant way.)